Maybe next year

The weather is cooperating in our mandate to stay quiet and rest. Rain and wind convinced me to join E and do absolutely nothing today but stay by the fire and relax. The newly purchased supplies for my craft projects are piled on the kitchen table in the bags they came home in. The world won’t end if they sit there for another day or two. I’ll get to them on Monday.

I filled all of the bird feeders (ten of them) this morning. The crocus are blooming on the perch. 

 Thanks to the R’s.

The flickers are not bothered at all that the suet in their feeders came from the dollar store. I usually buy it at Canadian Tire when it goes on sale but MB gave me the dollar store tip… West Coast Seeds in L charges almost six dollars for one!. Thriftys in Nanaimo had them on sale – a box of twelve for 39.00. It was big display purporting an incredible deal. Outside and across the street they are 1.00 at the dollar store. The birds don’t seem to care.
   I spent 4.00 in L on my birds. Anyone want to guess how they will be used.. I will put up a picture when it’s ready.

Looks like we have made it through winter without much cold to speak of. The garden pond froze for a couple of days in December, but the fish are all fine.  The rest of the winter we have barely been below zero. Never had to worry about frozen pipes down at the house or frost let alone snow. Kind of disappointed. I would love to see the island covered in snow. The concept of getting snowed in is kind of appealing to me… I know I sound naive but getting “stuck” on the island sounds wonderful. 

Maybe next year

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