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Be heading home


Thanks to S and the HD’s for watching Sami. Thanks to Didi for putting a roof over our head. We have had a busy two days in the big City having tests and meeting with Doctors.. Finally we had the right test and a diagnosis.  The good news, not E’s heart that is causing his problems… The Doctors in the town near us will take good care of him with meds and rest..  That is enough about him and all his troubles, back to more important issues.. Cause it is all supposed to be about me and my life on the nature channel.

We are returning with a bag of supplies to keep me occupied for months with projects.. Once spring comes  I will have to find somewhere to store them while I am in the garden… But I will be well supplied for next winter ….  The women on the island were quite right when they told me it (knitting and quilting) gets addictive… Forget a second bedroom I am going to need a sewing room!!!!   (*&)&&(*&(*&(*.           That sound you just heard was hell freezing over…

Weather (winds) looks good for our return this afternoon. I am hoping once we are safely ensconced in our house in front of  the  

 window, with the fire burning nicely, the herring will come and we will be thoroughly entertained on the nature channel. Come on herring!!!!!!  

Our first Valentines Day as a married couple we were broke.. We walked down to the Shoppers Drug Mart on 41st at Yew. I picked out a card for him and he picked out a card for me. We handed them to each other in the aisle. Once we read them we put them back in the display and walked out of the store empty handed.. It was a beautiful night, as we walked back home to our basement suite… I honestly don’t remember any of our other 36 valentines as fondly as I do that one… 

This Valentines we are celebrating with friends on our little island. E won’t be getting any work done for a few weeks just yet but to be surrounded by good friends and an optimistic medical plan we are glad to 

Be heading home

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “Be heading home

  1. So glad to hear E is on the mend. Wishing you (and all the others) a happy Valentine’s day & a great dinner. Will miss you.

  2. GREAT news! May E come back to his old energetic self quickly. 🙂 Meanwhile, that sunset shot is a keeper. How about using it for your desktop?! It’s quite inspiring…! Hugs to both of you, You Lovebirds. Feeling lucky in love myself!

    • No shortage in the supply photogenic sunsets opportunities.. I could never pick my favorite….E still has some time off coming to him, no rush.. The to do list isn’t going anywhere…. :). Take care you two….

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