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few more days


Hosting of the Sunday coffee shop continues to rotate around the island while we continue to miss our Mrs. W.. She isn’t going to be back until March and frankly I would suggest this is the last winter she is going to be allowed to abandon us… We have been to the W’s, the B’s and the Y’s and  R’s and today the HD’s held the honour. Everyone does a great job in hosting but I will hurt no feelings to say.. we would rather be at our Mrs. W’s. Hurry home!!!

While at the Y’s two weeks ago we heard about a stray goose that had arrived in their bay. DY, never one to ignore the plight of a creature in need befriended the wee fellow. Soon he was knocking on their door for food and following D around their property. The great minds of the island put their heads together and hatched a plan to help this very hungry, very lonely lost goose. It was decided to introduce him to the resident two geese who live at the farm.

A ramp was placed at the back of a truck and the goose was enticed with farm grass up the ramp and into the back of the truck.. Goosy was quite obliging and agreeable to the plan. It took two attempts to introduce him to his new friends but after the second attempt and a couple of introductory honks the three waddled away and will presumably live happily every after. Thanks to the Y’s and SK and HD’s for again demonstrating a day well spent retired on our wee island.goose

We missed coffee shop today while E continues on the road to recovery. We have had a few bumps along the way and it explains my absence from the blog the last ten days. We aren’t quite sure what is causing his problems. He has had a great many tests and seen a great many doctors.. This week there will be more of both..

When E became ill back in ’99 I was a mess. The Transplant team had a therapist who worked with me to give me skills to cope. I think it was called behavior management. Instead of dwelling on what ifs,  you manage them… You break down each worry and decide how to cope with every outcome in minor detail….. For example… worry- the weather will be too rough to get home from the emergency ward…. solution. we spend the night in town at a friends… With that worry taken care of… I move on to the next… until I have no worries just challenges with planned solutions.

With nine hours in the emergency ward on Thursday I had a long time to anticipate and solve all our worries. Suffice it to say we have experienced only the best in health care and are confident whatever is wrong will get fixed. For the moment we are at home, E is tired but comfortable.

Everyone here has been most kind. We slept at the W’s Thursday night and came home to a warm home and a fully stocked wood bin. Thanks S! and to everyone else for the offers of support.. I am sure he will be just fine in no time but because I am a sweet and generous wife with a heart of gold,  I have put away his to do list for a

few more days











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13 thoughts on “few more days

  1. I hope he feels better soon, not good to be sick in paradise.

  2. I hope E is on the road to recovery and feels better soon.

  3. So sorry to hear about E, glad to know you have lots of support. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Warm wishes.

  4. PS, Loved the goose story, hope the eagles and ravens leave him alone!

  5. We are thinking of the two of you in recovery mode. Thank you for the informative and helpful coping strategies. I’m planning on passing it on to a friend, but also like the idea for myself! May E’s recovery be speedy. Hugs.

  6. What a sweetheart! Suspension of to-do list. What a heart! But don’t spoil him. You may have to beat him with a stick for awhile to reinstall the old work ethic. If the beasts can’t pull their weight, t’is the chopping block for them. Life is hard and wives are the proof of it.

    • You are quite right.. That list is merely suspended it hasn’t been torn up!!! I am sure it inspires him to get better faster….. I am thinking an excellent way to test his strength is to build me the friggin compost!!!!

      • I, for one, will understand if he lingers. In fact, I might be sympathetic if he lingers on a Mexican beach for awhile. Maybe he can show you where the hammer and tape measure are kept before he leaves?
        I can send you plans for a simple composer….?

      • Very kind but I wouldn’t want to deprive him of his fun…. šŸ™‚

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