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piece of wood


The Firewood is way up at the top of the hill… Seems further away when its cold and rainy and I am inside warm and cozy. I am down to four pieces of wood down here at the house.

E had to run over to town today. We ran out of diesel last night and it isn’t good for the batteries or the generator or really the whole system if we have no fuel. Today is a perfectly miserable day to go outside let alone haul gas up and down boat ramps.  The ocean is calm but it is wet and cold.. There is snow over in BH. I offered to stay home and keep the fire stoked, to that end I need some firewood but I have three pieces left. No rush.

We have three hummingbirds who have chosen to stay the winter with us. I am thinking they are regretting their decision. This little guy looks like he is frozen stiff. Maybe he should come in by the fire with me.DSCN8849

We have been running the generator more than usual these days as we try to get our water tanks filled. The upside is we will have 5000 gallons in reserve next summer. The down side is our diesel consumption is crazy.. We would like to get solar involved in the water pumping process but we aren’t there yet. It is on the list.

Went for a walk to the farm the other day. December 29th brought two new lambs to the farm. This is why I now order lambless Souvlaki at my favorite restaurant.DSCN8878

I have almost recovered from New Years. This is the third year we have had a party at the Firehall. It seemed to go well. Most of the forty who came stayed past midnight. We got home at 2:30.. There was dinner, karaoke and dancing.. I think maybe next year people might want to just have the dinner and dancing.. There weren’t as many people interested in the karaoke this year.. Just as well but I would miss the visits from characters like Sonny, Cher, Nancy Sinatra and Lady Gaga.

As long as I get my Prosecco at midnight I am good with whatever we do. The highlight of the dancing was as alway the F’s dancing to “their song” Delilia which is as we all know a gorgeous love song filled with betrayal and murder… Such romantics…… A great farewell to 2015. I have two pieces left.

Ten Polar Bears went swimming the next morning at the North end boat ramp. The W’s hosted everyone back to their house for a hottub and luncheon.. It was a gorgeous spread.. If you want grilled cheese and homemade wine, I am your girl, but the W’s take hosting and dining up to a professional level. The event was a great kick start to the New Year.

It is snowing big fat snow flakes. E just came in from his city trip loaded with diesel. Since he was already dressed for the cold he also brought some wood down with him… Whew!  Just in time.. I was down to one

piece of wood

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  1. What fun times you have over there on your island! Great way to bring in the New Year!
    Poor little hummingbird – hope he survives. Sounds like E came home in the nick of time – lucky you!

  2. Outwaiting your partner on the wood gathering? Scurrilous. Succeeding? Priceless.

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