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in my heart


The temperatures hover around 0 degrees Celsius at night. During the day maybe around 2 or 4… Sunny skies, on average it’s cold but pleasant. E gets up two or three times at night to add wood to the fire. Mostly Arbutus at this time of year as it has a higher density with more BTU output. We have  a good supply of Arbutus on this property and it is most welcome at this time of year. We have three down comforters with varying degrees of density. With the addition of my new quilt to our bedding we haven’t had to graduate to our warmest down comforter.

Although our extended family was generous in their hospitality at Christmas we were grateful to get home. If it wasn’t for my Mother and E’s Doctors I can’t see us ever choosing to go back. It isn’t my world any more and I can no longer cope there. Depression envelopes me  and I begin to drown …. It’s a simple choice.. A life on happy pills in crowded rooms with complicated relationships or quiet unmedicated days with E in a world where I can manage my limited social tolerance.

I have written posts in the last two weeks but they won’t be published, I am not proud of them. This blog is about living off grid and the public posts need to move me forward..Not only along the learning curve but with my mental health.. So here we go.. Another year in our little house on the cliff… Let’s wish us all to be together this time next year. I thank you for reading. I thank those who accept my limits. Even if we can’t live close geographically, you are still

in my heart                                  .DSCN8575

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “in my heart

  1. I don’t read you because of the limits. I read you because the writing is good. Feeling crazy in a giant asylum run by crazies is SANE. Getting out is even saner. And you got out. Ergo, you are emminently sane. Mind you, that scenario fits me, too. So, I am biased. Fits my wife, too.
    Bottom line: our larger world IS mad. Stay away. Stick to the islands of mental health on which we presently reside and be happy. We are the lucky few.

    • Thanks for you kind comments… We, who have moved to these islands are indeed fortunate… If you can get over the fact that at any given moment something is broken or will need attention…. its a great life!!!!

  2. How we love reading your blog and imaging your life on the island in the Little House on the Cliff; the joys of Life in the Nature Channel. Remember when I told you that a friend once asked me rather accusingly how I felt about “dropping out” having moved to DI, and his wife immediately corrected him, “Fritz! They’ve Dropped IN!” You ARE in the real world. It’s a joy to me that it’s such a perfect fit for you. Unfortunately, DI life does spoil us for going back even for a short time to ye olde city life, however…it’s SO worth it.

    • I should think it would be fairly easy for you to imagine our life here…. It was yours for twenty two years!!!!
      It didn’t take too long for life on DI to spoil us for any other life… Thanks for sharing it with us…..

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