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It isn’t snow


When we moved to this island we expected endless winter days storm watching out our window. It didn’t happen. 

Our first three winters were fairly mild. The rain was intermittent and most days we were able to get outside to work. The heaviest winds we experience at our house are in the spring. We are protected from the winter southwest winds by our position tucked behind a rock wall protruding from the island.

This winter we have had more rain than our first years here and it is accompanied  by lots and lots of wind. It is noon and the wind is currently gusting 54 k outside my window. A dark black cloud hangs over the sea of white caps carrying yet more rain for our afternoon. The waves are so loud, they wake the dog. Sami thinks there is a car outside the window and barks to alert me.(He hasn’t completely forgotten his city triggers)

No one is going to try to go across the water today. Days like this one are why we have pantries, books, firewood and Port.  Living in this cabin with  it’s proximity to the water it is pretty hard to concentrate on anything for very long. My attention is stolen by the sound of the next big wave landing on the rocks beneath me.  I put my book down repeatedly.

There is no avoiding the storm outside. We live in a cabin with no attic and three skylights. Between the waves crashing below us and the sound of the heavy rains on the roof you can do nothing but embrace the storm. Like the seagulls who grab the chance to play in the wind we just thank goodness 

It isn’t snow 


Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “It isn’t snow

  1. When the seas boil, the storm rages and the wind howls, it is more than attention-getting, it is intimidating in ‘we are like ants’ kinda way. And, like you, I have attempted to capture it in a picture. Doesn’t work. You have to be there. Or out on your boat like we were the other day…..not scary, just awe inspiring. I lived 55 years in the city and only as a child did I really give the weather any attention. Most of the time, it was ‘in the background’ and easily ignored. NOT NOW. NOT HERE. Now, here has weather omnipresent and embracing. Weather gets my respect.

  2. Some people start running towards shelter when it starts to rain. Others stand outside and turn their face to the heavens. The sound of rain affects all living things. It touches them deep down. Wind swirling all around like it is searching . I go and sit under my patio cover during storms, back against the house with a hot cup of coffee and I am rewarded with the sounds and smells of nature in all it’s glory. Good to have a window to the world! We are blessed!

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