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Rum and eggnog


We worked outside yesterday until, as predicted the rain and wind came at 2pm and forced us indoors. I wasn’t too unhappy to come inside. I had a book ready for me beside the fireplace. Years ago I read Michael Connellys series starring Detective  Bosch. I found out this week there are six I haven’t read. I sat down to read my third (The Reversal) yesterday at 2 pm.  At ten, I finished.. It was great.. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough… A perfect day despite the horrid weather which had appeared.

More than one of our friends are (is? ) stuck on the other side of the water today unable to get across the white tipped waves. Our intrepid friend MB headed out but with weather like this everyone makes their own decisions based on comfort level and boat size. No one makes the decision for you….E and I are quite happy we don’t have to decide today. It is a great day for another visit with Detective Bosch.

All of you islanders who have chosen to spend these winter months in warmer climates can quite rightfully congratulate your decision. Cause it is one giant yucky out here. Even the birds are hiding. 

 I hesitate to start the next book (The Drop) . Surely there is something productive I could be doing. I could write Christmas cards but I have decided not to send any this year. I could make Christmas cookies but we would just eat them. I could decorate the house but what is the point, we are leaving on the 23rd. Gosh, I sound kinda Grinchy.

Ok, I have a plan that can incorporate the festive season to my indoor island day. I will read my book while drinking a 

rum and eggnog 

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

9 thoughts on “Rum and eggnog

  1. I read many of your back-blogs to determine where you were situated, which island. I am pretty sure you are south of us. I understand the desire to keep somewhat anonymous (even tho it is impossible). I try to as well. Not so much for my own condition of existential angst (which requires notoriety; the opposite of anonymity) but because my neighbours think that the crazed zombie hordes will, upon the onset of the apocalypse, try to get here by boat and eat their lentils, beans and goats. I’ve explained that zombies eat brains but that has not eased their fears so I keep a lower writer’s profile as a result. But I am curious. And I am also curious to know if we have met? Have you read our book? Do you comment on my blog? Are we close? Are we friends? Do I like E?
    I am also guessing that you and E are a smidge younger (he mathematically adding up to about 60 – 61 from the medical history). Let me know what you can. It is on a NOT need to know basis.

    • Hmmm let’s see…
      We try to keep our location private in my desperate attempt to both keep one step ahead of the law and my continued efforts to not get voted off the island. I’m not quite sure my neighbours here are worried about their pantries after the apocalypse as much as their peace and quite during paradise.

      I have followed your blog for a few years. When we bought here I searched on the Google for blogs about off grid living. I found yours and a guy in the hills of Tennessee who was experimenting with a full time diet of berries and leaves. While his recommendations for vegetation were useful I found the constant gun banter tiresome.

      I gather your kids are a wee bit older than ours and I can only imagine we have met if they played hockey. We spent a great deal of time at the ice rink in where I think you used to live next to us where we used to live.

      Your wife sounds WAY more capable than I will ever be. You two have a great thing going. I am sure you’d like E.. Everyone does… Me, I take a lot more work…..

      • Yeah, Sal is pretty special. Fearless. Supportive. Tolerant of everything but intolerance (Then she pops!). I, too, am likable, like E, but only for about 5% of the time. When I try. Which is less frequent all the time. The other 95% of me seems to irritate people. But, I am OK with that. 5% is getting to be an effort and I am getting on. Judging from the Hub, I am guessing L or V. That will do. We are north of CR-ish…kinda… Kids are just barely the wrong side of 30 (in their minds. I like ’em more as they mature). Not the rink, tho. So it is a treat for some other day, perhaps?

  2. I crave pumpkin pie in November. In December my craving turns to eggnog. I crave bourbon all 12 months! ha ha I suppose I could substitute rum in a pinch! ha ha enjoy your day and your fireplace and your detective!

  3. If anyone is ever stuck over here, tell them to give us a call, we have a spare room and can put people up for the night. Just tried to call MB to see if she’s stuck, but no answer on her cell.

  4. I’m safe and sound and at home. Thanks for the concern, and the watchful eyes. Both days were nasty trips; SSE 25- 30 knots, but how often do you get to see your brother playing drums with his rock and roll bands!

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