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Is creeped out


Three years after we sold the townhouse we saw an ad in the paper that it was for sale again. Apparently it had never been lived in and the advertisement displayed a beautiful home…… with all of our furniture… I guess it had been bought as an investment. It was in a very nice complex well located near a new shopping area in White Rock.

Our new home here on the island is not so well located near a shopping area. In fact we have is not really a concern as we don’t need anything anymore that we can’t eat or drink or plant. I’m still trying to get to get rid of all the crap we had bought during our twenty-two years in the family home. But it’s Christmas and we still like to exchange gifts with our kids.. As of two days ago we had three shopping days left. Now we have two.

Yesterday was a marathon. Our gift shopping is further complicated by our practical town requirements (gas, medicines, food, cell phone repair) and the limited daylight hours. We had to be back to the boat by 2:30 to get across and unpacked by dark. But we did get a start on it. We will go to town two more times before our trip to Vancouver….if it doesn’t get done by then, well I guess everyone will get something suspiciously decorated with the BC ferry logo. It won’t matter because we will all be together.

Our little cabin on the cliff is still hanging on despite the rain and wind which has arrived. This rain justifies my firmly planted sit me down beside the fire with a book as I look at the huge waves beneath me. There are no kayakers out front to take pictures of us, just these birds playing on the log.birds on a log

Years ago, a picture of our house was used on the cover of Cottage Guide Magazine.IMG_0531-1

Walking through the mall past the realtor offices yesterday I was reminded of an ad JN brought to me last month. Apparently, this home, our little house on the cliff  is now in some guys ad for the real estate weekly. I guess I should feel complimented but what I am really feeling                       IMG_0472

is creeped out


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

10 thoughts on “Is creeped out

  1. Don’t feel too creeped out. Using pictures of your home is the least of the many privacy intrusions. We aren’t even aware of most of them. Google-earth yourself. There may even be a camera-eye in one of your appliances that videos you in the nude drinking a mint julep while watching Downton Abbey. It’s getting weird out there – especially when even a stodgy old bank like the TD can use the information – ALL the information – you have on your smartphone. Link it to your home address and TD knows what you said to your kids on their birthday. Ha! They know what I just said about them!

  2. I vote with you. It’d creep me out. Maybe he should be paying you a royalty for using your sweet abode!!!

  3. Maybe he should be paying you a royalty for using your sweet abode in his ads!!!

  4. I think I have this figured out! I haven’t used the wordpress account in a long time and forget my log in and all that. Just wanted to comment to let you know I do come and visit. You have a lovely place to sit and watch the planetary cycle. It is a form of meditation. Like the swaying of the trees!

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