backs give out

We get more accomplished during an autumn week than we do all summer. E’s crooked back is a testament to how hard we (well E ) have been working..

After all of the hauling, chainsawing and digging E did last week while JN was here, this weekend he split most of the wood resulting from the project. The sheds are almost full bringing our supply to 8 cords. We use 2.5 to 3 per year depending on the temperatures. It is a good feeling to know we have a bit of a stash even though E is walking like his Grandma P.

We have four levels to our property. To fill our 3 water tanks (4000 gallons), which are on the top-level of the property, we have to pump water from the well which, along with the garden is on the second level of the property. To pump water from the well we have to turn on the pump in the generator shed while the generator is on. We have a 7 kilowatt Kubota diesel generator which sits on the third level of the property. It can be started both in its shed or remotely down  at our house on the lowest level. Although we could start the generator remotely, until today we couldn’t turn on the well pump remotely.

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While installing the new driveway/garden E had to dig up and expose the water and power lines to protect them from the excavator. While they were exposed he thought it would be a good time to add the wiring to the power trench to enable a remote start of the water pump. He climbed up and down the rock face and dug a few more feet of trench and it is done… Tomorrow when his back has recovered a bit he will bury them all again.. good as new..    DSCN9582

I couldn’t wait any longer for the October full moon and planted 51 cloves of garlic this morning.  Then I made my first two loaves bread of the winter and called it a day…  There is no point in both of us working til our

backs give out


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