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found a community


Sure we came to this island for peace, quiet and privacy, but we also came to keep me sane. I don’t do well  with people I don’t know (trust)….Solitary life on 2.5 acres at the end of a lane not shown on any map seemed like a good choice at the time.                    DSCN9478

Everyone living here came for similar reasons albeit their sanity is probably less of an issue. They have also chosen an isolated off grid island escape and expect privacy and peace. We soon learned that the very nature of living successfully in this environment required the involvement of neighbours. The best systems break down and even the very strongest of us need an extra pair of hands to manage installations and repairs.

Our first introduction to our neighbours was on moving day. People we had never met showed up in the pouring rain to help off load the barge and carry heavy furniture off the dock. Those who were once strangers have since helped pull our deep well pump, fix truck clutches and rescue dogs.

I know one guy who didn’t even make it to the island to take possession of his new house before he needed his neighbours. The engine on the boat which came with his cabin crapped out in the channel and he needed a tow. The list of incidents when neighbours here have come to the rescue is endless.

Several of the women came to the Hall to decorate on the Friday for a Thanksgiving Lamb Roast.

CA prepared the lamb to cook over the central fire pit, in the rain early Saturday morning. 20151010_183137Sixty of us arrived for dinner at six. A ten-dollar donation covered the cost of the 64 pound lamb with net proceeds going to the Fire Hall. Guests brought their own cutlery and dishes along with a salad or potato dish to contribute to the meal.                                   IMG_0366           We were home by 9:30.

What developed on our island perhaps out of necessity more than intention is a community. A community, to quote TK  “brought together by a desire to live alone”. This weekend we were brought together by our desire to eat fresh lamb from the island farm.

I searched for solitude for my sanity when we moved here but I

found a community

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Me, too. Went remote and found independents and independence. Only one thing really unites us and that is separation…unless help is required and then the community comes together for as long as it is required. Sometimes…rarely…do we come together for an event but the men less so…the women much more. Are we more sane? Dunno. More eccentric, for sure. And happier. I think we are more sane than we would have been but you are asking the ones who sought out the asylum!

  2. Years ago, a small walking group began and over time, as we walked around the island, we started talking about all the things we were thankful for. I believe this focus of stopping, recognizing, and enumerating all that we were thankful for, changed me. Now, knowing what a gift living on a small remote island with a fantastic group of independent, caring, self-starter women (and men) was in my life, it’s something I will ALWAYS be thankful for. We came for different reasons, but we found what we needed and have gained so much from the gift of knowing one another. I miss you all everyday.

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