be most likely

If I had not posted recently because daily life had seemed routine that would be unlikely.

We have had morning visits from sea lions and porpoises. The porpoises gently swimming without causing a ripple in the water were passed unnoticed by two kayakers beneath our house.

We had an afternoon sailing on my sister in-laws new Spencer 31. The Y’s came out with us to review the how to’s as its been a few years (20) since SK, E and I sailed the Cat Dancer.    .IMG_0066

A gentle breeze coaxed us to 4 knots in front of the Valdez cliffs. Champagne christened the warm afternoon with beers and laughter to follow. We will be spending a great deal more time this winter gaining our confidence in our skills and the boat.

We had an evening on the Point with neighbours from the Bay sharing the eclipse of the super moon and the stillness of the water.

If I had not posted recently because all the chores were done, projects finished and systems installed that would be most unlikely.

Although my winter quilt project is finished                       IMG_0139

and E and BD replaced the clutch on the truck, we still have a lengthy to do list on our desk.  This winter E has plans for several projects, none of which can begin until he builds a greenhouse. Wiring and Septic systems are going to have to wait because I have several plans too and most them involve the greenhouse.

SK brought me a bunch of perennial divisions from her house and I have been planting them while rearranging others and dreaming of changes for next summer. This time last year I dreamed of the pond and it has been a great addition to the meditative value of the garden. The black fish which we thought had been eaten showed up again this week. There are eight nice sized babies too.. Total fish count protected under the netting is thirteen!!!!

The open fire ban was lifted on October 1st. I waited one day before I had my first big burn pile.  E was at T&A’s helping install a satellite dish for their winter “supply of rubbish” while I fulfilled my inner pyromania.  A summers worth of fallen branches, leaves and cardboard are gone.

I have a very limited ability to socialize and travel and I have only begun to recover from the summers activities and the September journey. I am envious of all my neighbours as they pack their bags for winter escapes to Macau, France, Mexico, Bali and England. I am not envious of their trips but of their stamina. All I want to do for the next six months is relax on the nature channel, take a few pictures and regroup.

If I had not posted lately because I have been sitting on the

perch in peace, watching a storm or two, grateful for the solitude…. that would be most likelyDSCN9368 DSCN9359DSCN9366

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