one….. other Me

Walking past our garden on Saturday morning T&A found a heron fishing in the pond. The fish had a good summer and had grown to a fair size. To our delight and as it turns out, to the dining pleasure of the local heron, their orange colours were often seen shimmering near the top of the pond.. Five original fish and two babies had survived the summer

Sigh… We put a net over the garden, albeit a little late  (thanks T&A) and decided to try again. We want to see if we can keep them alive over the winter.. Other than predators who we will work at thwarting, there is no reason they shouldn’t  survive. We will bring some more babies over when we are in Vancouver next week.

Strong winds over the last few days have slowed our pace. I have spent the last two days inside watching the waves out our window and puttering on my computer. My sister-in-law was looking for the address in Winnipeg where family lived back in the day. I thought I had all of those records on my family tree program. In 2008, sitting with Papa in our living room, I spent a lot of time compiling information on the extended family trees on both sides of our family.

Yesterday, I started looking for the addresses but couldn’t find them.. I ignored my quilt which was staring at me and upgraded my research program on Holy crap it is easy now. All of the hours I spent searching for information before is now just a click away.. It is incredibly simple and addictive.  So far I have traced three grand parents lines back to the 1600’s….. Other researchers have done all the work and posted the family trees with accompanying sources and resources.. I just merge them into my tree.. All the work done for me… Last count I have about 3000 names on the tree….

I had to take a break. My eyes and arms were killing me. So I took a walk to AW’s to check her garden and raid her tomato plants. On the way back I walked through my garden.. The plants are thrilled with all of the rain we have received in the last couple of the days. It is too late for the vegetables but the snap dragons and alyssum have rebounded.

I stopped to look at the pond, and I could see down way down.. deep in the darkest recesses , there were three orange shadows looking up at me….They aren’t all dead!!!! I got the food back out of the shed and fed them..

Fun fact, I have 3000 people on our family tree. There are Drucillas, Farquhars, and Absaloms. Several of the relatives are named after the United States where they were born like Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia. Edwin’s, Johns and Marys abound… Daniel Boone is a relative and I am pretty sure if I continue much longer I will trace us all back to Jesus.

But there is not                                               IMG_0059

one…… other Me

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