a good day

I don’t know how the conversation goes in the morning at your house but more often than not, ours goes something like this…

E…. “Good Morning. Did you sleep well?”

Me…”We should ask MR if he still has that tempered glass he mentioned in the winter… We could use it for a greenhouse”


E. “Good Morning. I heard deer on the deck last night, did you?”

Me.. “How much would it cost to replace the fencing around my garden?”

and not so long ago…

E. “Good Morning. That was quite the wind storm last night”

Me..  “Would it be very hard for you to put a pond in my garden? You know with fish and a waterfall?”

I sleep very well at night but sometimes I do wake up. Perhaps, the fault of a deer or maybe a wind storm but if I am awake at all, then I can’t go back to sleep. I only get one “go to sleep” per night. When the kids were young, E had to get up at night with sick children because he could fall right back asleep and we both had to get up for work in the morning.. The kids just learned to call for their Dad at night because no one wanted me around the next day if I had had two hours sleep.

Now when I lay in bed, my sleep interrupted by the clip clop of hooves on the deck outside my window I can’t help but imagine ways to make our house our own… The R’s had it perfect for their needs…. I need it perfect for mine.. ie.. new fencing in the garden with a pond and a waterfall…

Yesterday morning our conversation was as mentioned about the tempered glass. MR did in fact have several large peices and my  my sister in law has a few small ones..  BR left me a glass dutch door and my sister in law has a vented window we can use…  MR was most kind to go across to Nanaimo yesterday with E to fetch the glass from his garage.. I think his wife was glad to be rid of it.. It sounds like there is a greenhouse in her future as well. 

You see how they encourage my 4 AM project thinking with their immediate responses to my requests.. If I didn’t know better I would think they lay in bed night worried that they won’t have anything to do the next morning and can’t help but hope that I have conceived of a new crazy plan..

Is it any wonder really why E walks with such trepidation every morning to the kitchen to wish me a good day? 


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