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thirty three years


The party is over. The chairs and tables are all packed up and most of them have been returned to their homes on our neighbours decks. The food has been put away and the last of our guests are gone. The children have returned to their lives in the city and they leave us here alone, together.

The leaves in the Maple tree on the front lawn at SoHo have begun to change their color as the temperatures have dropped ever so slightly. There is the sense that the island has begun to rise gently as the weight of the summer crowds is lifted. Although we vacation here at the south house for another ten days our thoughts must return to practicalities. The summer has passed so quickly and it will soon be winter and we must be prepared.

We try to meet the summer with full water tanks, but for the winter the wood shed must be full.. In the summer our garden is full of fresh vegetables. 

 In the winter our pantry needs shelves of canned tomatoes, diet staples and wine, lots and lots of wine. A trip to the Mohawk in Ladysmith will fill the diesel and propane tanks to keep us supplied for a four month period. 

The fire ban is in effect until October first as there still has been no rain. We have a few dead Arbutus, but they won’t be taken down just yet, chain saws are included in the ban. This winters fire wood was split two years ago. The wood we will gather this fall will be for 2017. The chore list needs to be reprioritized. Unfinished spring jobs will have to wait another year. Fall jobs will take their place.

The chore list and work can all wait for a few more days.. Today we are celebrating our wedding anniversary.  I have a mind to do nothing at all for the whole day but think about all that we have been given over the last 

thirty three years

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Congratulations on both the 60 year birthday and the 33 year wedding anniversary. I’m loving this blog – vicariously living a more exciting life!


  2. Happy Anniversary to an amazing couple! Enjoy your day.

  3. Happy anniversary!

  4. What a joy (and hilarious fun!) it was to celebrate E’s bday with you. I’ll carry those memories for years, Mr. and Mrs. Party Hearty!!! I’m so thrilled that your Gridless life is not just full of Work, but also Creativity, Humour, Exercise, Happiness and Deep Friendships, amongst other things! I can read between the lines that yours is a life of GRATITUDE. πŸ™‚ Happy Anniversary to a very special couple.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! And, happy birthday to both Ian and Jeanie. Where have all the years gone.

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