under the table

We walked past the Halloween costumes in Costco, to get the groceries we needed for our weekend guests.  We did stop for the winter blend coffee, it seemed appropriate on a scorching hot August day. When we left the shopping buggy was full with everything we needed for our weekend celebrations.

My daughters birthday is the same day as my husbands. It has been a special bond between the two of them to blow out their candles together. For twenty four years my husband has spent his birthday surrounded by excited little girls in party dresses. On his fortieth, he sat through not one but two live productions of Pocohontas at Disneyland. He considered it an honour.

This year, for his sixtieth, it was pay back time. She spent her birthday not with her friends but his. She came over to the island to celebrate with her Dad at his party.  Most of his family was here, along with our neighbours and friends. 

There was a bounty of food and drink, and a great deal dancing. It was an excellent diversion from the events of the last week,  Our family all needed a little laughter and maybe a hug or two. My stress level had been pretty close to its max. 

There is a big wildfire nearby which threatened to stop our eldest from sharing in a summer celebration, but he made it. The birthday girl, our other son, friends and family began arriving a few days early to help with the preparations… When I say “help”  I mean slave…   Tables, chairs, lighting, food, and even a whipped cream dispenser was contributed.. We organized the Perseids Meteor shower for the evening entertainment on the Point for the kids. A friend and neighbour cooked and carved the Beef tenderloin and our dear friends from L brought the salmon…

Sixty partiers came to share our love for a great heart….. He made it fairly apparent how much he loves and appreciates them  all for their efforts, kind words, cards and love….   and then he danced them all 

under the table…. 


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