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have frozen over


This weekend there was a sewing emergency, a pillow case ripping hours before company arrives, type of emergency. My neighbour phoned me to ask if she could bring the offending sham for some darning on my sewing machine. I did indeed have my sewing machine out on the kitchen table for my quilt project. The crisis was averted.

My quilt is coming along nicely and I am ahead of schedule.. Months ahead of schedule… Today I pieced the blocks together into rows… Tomorrow I will sew the rows together, then add the border… and. and… It is addicting and

hard to put down.                                   DSCN8714

The kayakers are in the waters around our island by the hundreds and everyone has to stop and take a picture of our house…. For eight months of the year we seemingly have this ocean to our selves. We look out our window and see the nature channel as if we have been invited to a private showing of a gala performance.. Not these days. In the summer months and especially in August we are surrounded by crowds of healthy outdoorsy types who choose to glide around on the water with their cameras while they vacation from the city. They gather, often with a tour guide,  below our house to take a picture.                           DSCN8713

I don’t really mind sharing our paradise with the “looky loos”.  I quite enjoy the comments we hear.  I have heard everything from ” This is an example of a typical west coast summer cabin”  (hey buddy I live here year round)  to “Wow, I wonder how long that house will last up there on the cliff”. We have had offers to buy our house and a thirsty paddler beg for a jug of water in 35 degree heat. (we obliged)  Most are polite and respectful of our privacy and the kids always wave to Frank in our outhouse at the cliff edge.                    DSCN8716

CH reports she saw three Orca heading East this afternoon in front of BH. I had my head down sewing and missed seeing them.  Good Lord, I cannot believe I just typed that sentence.. I missed seeing whales because I was sewing!!!   If you know anything about me at all, you would understand how very unlikely it would be that I would be found sewing.  Not on a summers day or any day. It is incredible that I would miss seeing whales or that anyone would ever think of me in a sewing emergency situation. (even of the pillow case variety)

Hell really may

have frozen over



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  1. Pretty quilt ! I love the fabric and colors you chose. Who’d of thunk?? You go girl !

  2. OMG, the quilt is looking totally amazing!!! As for kayaker comments, I loved the group of kayakers cruising by: “Hey, look, there’s a guy in that house. He’s…he’s… he’s doing something!” SO provound. Like we just did nothing? If they’d only known he was carving some pretty neat Native style art! Then they’d see the outhouse and maybe the little ‘supposedly real’ pileated woodpecker sitting by the outhouse. Back paddle, back paddle, back paddle…”Hey, did you see that woodpecker???” If only they knew how sound travels across water. 🙂

  3. Well, just think….. what next?

  4. Sure love to read your writings, Moira. Thank you.


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  5. Yes, who would have thought! Susie homemaker sewing a quilt! (
    Need to get back at you for you know what.)

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