in garden statues

Two years ago one of our friends suggested we add a Tinman statue to our garden and sent us the link to where we could get one on-line. Once we had finished the pond we decided what it needed was indeed a statue and ordered the Tinman. We had it shipped to my Mothers in the big city. It now stands guard at the pond and protects the fish.DSCN8642

We were in the big city for the last few days attending a wedding, visiting friends and my family. We sorted through yet more junk in my Moms garage to bring over here, (it is endless) and of course picked up 10 pounds of blueberries at the farm stand on the road to the ferry.. Big fat freshly picked blueberries at $2.00 per pound. I have made a pie, canned 20 jars of blueberry conserve and frozen the rest. The conserve recipe came from a book I received from my son at Christmas and is advertised as “great on scones yet equally as tasty with Port and a strong cheese”. We have twenty-five bottles of port in the cupboard, so now we just need a cow.

While we were gone two of the five gold-fish had babies. The oldest are tiny and the youngest are miniscule and all are hard to see but they are there. It is a good sign the pond is healthy if the fish are having babes. In the ten weeks we have owned the fish we have only lost one. We don’t know what happened to it but the rest seem to be able to hide from predators. The new babes are just as likely to be eaten by the original fish as owls but hopefully will survive.DSCN8646

The wedding we attended was held at the home of the bride. The bride and her family have been our friends for years and it was lovely to share their day. The home is on an acreage with a beautiful old farmhouse in the centre.The family is incredibly talented and had the gardens decorated so beautifully it was breathtaking.

Behind the head table was their vegetable garden. If you look closely you can see why these two families get along so well, we have so much in common. For instance, our taste

in garden statues                             DSCN8605

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