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no safety net


Difficult to keep perspective when nothing seems to be going right. Complications in the city are exasperated when you live on an island… The island is filled with self-reliant residents who can fix propane gas lines, solve battery troubles or  water issues but sometimes problems are out of their control. They can’t be fixed with duct tape or ingenuity. Living on an island, we are then stuck.
I hesitate to talk about this because at this point in time… everything for us is working perfectly. There, I said it and now I have probably jinxed everything.. But it is true.. Everything is going well… With all of the sunshine we are having, our new solar panels are supporting our needs nicely. The water reserve is holding up even with the ongoing drought.. Our cupboards are full and our health is good… Life is great.. Many of our neighbours are not in such a good mood.
The local marina where we all keep our cars was again ravaged by thieving little pond scum who stole gas and vandalized cars. E and I now keep a bare minimum amount of gas in our tank and so they were unable to access much from our car. I think it is our best defence. If the little rat finks constantly come out empty-handed they will soon tire of our parking lot. We have also put a metal wrap around our fuel line to prevent them from cutting our lines like they have done twice this year. Many of our neighbours were victims of this latest visit..We have no other options. There is no where else to park our cars when we come over to the island by boat.
The Marina Manager is promising live feed surveillance cameras and it can’t happen soon enough. It is a very complicated situation, with two land owners sharing the land accessing the Marina parking lot. The two owners don’t get along.. Difficult to get them to agree on whose problem it is… We their clients, suffer for it.
I will not let this annoyance ruin my days here… I just won’t… I have come too far in eliminating stress triggers from my life.. I admit there are times when a truck doesn’t start or a battery fails that my good mood is challenged but a little frustration is the price I pay to live in peace and quiet.
In the meantime, I am sending a big hug out to my friend who is rightfully feeling more than frustrated today with her greater share of off grid complications ….
Tough to feel you are stranded with
no safety net
sep 16 007

Author: Off Grid Islanders

We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “no safety net

  1. I have to say we have more than our share of troubles, but then I remind myself that it’s just “stuff” and the main thing is that we have our health (touching wood) and we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and when the going get tough with our “stuff”, there’s always one person, or two, or three, who are offering to help.

  2. I hope they can catch those jerks! But so glad to hear that life is generally treating you well.

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