number at all

Okay, I just need to share this little item because someone somewhere might be in trouble with the wife because of me and that just isn’t right..

As I have mentioned before, I am going to my forty-year high school reunion this weekend in Vancouver. As I might have a drink or too, I arranged to stay with a friend, lets call her Hilary, at a hotel near where the reunion is to be held. Hilary and I have known each other since 1974. She is also coming to the reunion from out-of-town and we thought it would be nice to share the costs. Another friend, lets call her Sydney, subsequently asked if I wanted to share a room because although she does live in Vancouver… she might have a drink.. or two… I told her, I was already booked.

Three months later my travelling companion Hilary, realizes this is the weekend she is to have yet another grandchild. This darlin is to be born in Calgary today and apparently her arrival is more important to Hil than seeing a bunch of grey haired, wrinkled old folks she knew in the seventies… The choice really wasn’t difficult at all…

So I looked in my old phone book for Sydney’s phone number to see if she was still interested in staying at the hotel. I have known Sydney since 1967… . As you all know, I hate talking on the phone and Syd and I usually communicate by email.. but I found an old number that I had for her and sent her a text…

This is how it went…

Me:               Hil can’t come anymore. Do you want to sleep with me?

Syd:              I don’t know you!!!!  Stop sending me these messages!!!!!!


Apparently, it was not Syds

number at all……….                                                             DSCN9544






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