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the final step


If you can’t have an original thought it is important to thank those whose thoughts you steal… .. So thanks to my neighbour RW. Last year she made a bird bath for the birds in her garden. She took two glass vases from a thrift store, glued them together and then topped them with a thrift store platter. Brilliant!

CH and I went to the thrift store in town and played with all of their dishes until we came up with a plan. I wasn’t able to find two vases that melded together nicely so instead decided to try to attract shorter birds….Total cost 17.00 for two bird baths:)

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It was a long day in town yesterday for CH and I. We left at nine and we weren’t back until after six. We returned with a boat loaded down with supplies for the weeks projects… CH is building a fenced garden which is endless work.. and I am gluing together bird baths.. Not quite the same work ethic required but I am okay with that….

E made great progress with the pond. He dug out another 12 wheelbarrows of dirt soil. There are a lot of stones so I will sift the soil before I top up the veggie garden and compost bins.. The remaining stones I can use to fill in a big hole near where I want to put the greenhouse… There is no rush, the green house hasn’t even made it to our current two page to do list…

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We were given pond liner from CH. She had  remnants from a project in Victoria. I bought glue yesterday to attach all of the different pieces to make one 11 X 13 piece for the bottom of the pond.         may 20 038                It shouldn’t be too much longer before I can post pictures of the finished pond. The project is going quickly.   Almost everything we needed for the construction of the pond was given to us by various neighbours. Items left over from their previous projects were gratefully repurposed. The liner, as I said, from C and B. A solar panel came from the B’s. A 12 volt pump from AW, and a couple of old batteries from the R’s….The glue is the only cost of the whole project, except for the eventual pond plants we will add in

the final step



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  1. Wow- beautiful bird baths! Thanks for the link. I had already subscribed at some point, but wasn’t getting email notifications. Hopefully now I will.

  2. lovely garden M….how abut making me a bird bath and selling me it in aid of the firehall?

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