digging a grave

In an effort to save their backs, E and TW decided to share in the cost of a wood splitter.. E picked it up and brought it over yesterday. It weighs 450 pounds. It is a 20 ton gas-powered hydraulic log splitter. It would have been ironic if E destroyed his back just bringing it over to the island…But all is well. We have the splitter here and E spent the morning putting it together. Of course,  then he had to give it a try… may 17 028

I was up in the garden ….

This little girl looks like she going to have twins..may 17 034

Such a very pretty Oriental Poppy in bloom.         may 17 036

Couple of housekeeping matters to mention..

We had our last fire (of the winter?) on May 4th. First Bar B Que dinner on the deck was May 15th. We sat out until 11:30, no bugs, very mild… It was a lovely evening with a visit  by a dozen otter beneath the deck just before dark.                              May 14th I planted the window boxes with blue and white petunias. may 17 043

They aren’t actually window boxes as much as hanging over a crevasse boxes. aug 5 110Today, the 17th, the hummingbirds have vanished from the perch… who took them?????

and for all you doubting Thomas’s, (you know who you are)….. we began the work on the pond today.may 17 038

At this point it kind of looks we are

digging a grave

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