mostly, I ate

Someone, can’t remember who said Sunday should be a day of rest… Not for us at this time of year. Too much to do to take a day off. That chore list isn’t going to tick itself off.. It wasn’t too hot so were able to get a lot done.

E power washed the deck and then cleaned it with a product called 30 Seconds. It removed all the winter green slime which had accumulated. Then he coated it with a protection sealant called Thompson’s Water Seal… It makes a huge difference. He ran out of both products half way through the process. But you can see how nicely it cleans the deck.may 11 048

He then started to chop for a few hours. We have a pile of wood ready to go into the new wood shed. He has a way to go to get that area tidied up. He only does a couple of hours a day so he doesn’t screw up his back… We are seriously considering getting a wood splitter. may 11 052

Meanwhile, I spent my Mothers Day in the garden planting my tomatoes. Thanks to AW and PR and the Nursery in town I had 27 plants to go in the ground. The tomato babies which I had started from seed are still in their mini greenhouse… I think in human terms they would be diagnosed as failure to thrive.

Luckily, I have neighbours who know what how to start tomato plants and E and I should be surrounded by tomatoes to can up for our winter dinners.may 11 037

Yesterday, E went to town to find some food, we were down to drinking our coffee black and eating our jam without toast….

I went to the quilting session at MB’s to turn in my last square… It turned out to be a lot of fun, again… We were surrounded by windows in a gorgeous sun room on the water… Two sewing machines set up on one table with two very brave women accepting the challenge to somehow get the squares to fit together …. No small feat believe me.. The other four of us reclined in the sun, nibbling on fresh-baked scones baking powder biscuits, brownies, apple upside down cake, cheese and sliced applies, coffee and tea…. quilting the bits handed to us by the brave ones..

Mostly, I ate….

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