to move in

The back quarter of our property, above the cliffs and behind the water tanks is a reindeer lichen meadow. It is a soft and cozy spot for the island deer to sleep in peace and quiet.  Our London neighbours driveway is right beside the meadow. Last week we went up the driveway at ten in the morning to find six deer  lazily taking in the sun.may 7 012

I was at London’s on Sunday pruning the overwintered geraniums and other than those very dead looking geraniums there was nothing else on the deck. E went up this morning to “walk the property” and make sure all was well.. He found a nest of reindeer lichen at their front door.

may 7 004

We have a list of the usual suspects.

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E installed our nature spy cam at their front door to try to catch the culprit in the act.may 7 008

I do believe it is time for the London’s to return to their Paradise Point home as someone else seems to have plans

to move in




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