a garden expansion

New tanks are installed and the pumping has begun.. We will pump an hour a day at 300 gallons per hour… Champagne will be opened when all the tanks are filled… 5000 gallons!!!!! More than triple what we started with last summer.. As my British neighbour said… “now it is probably going to rain all summer”..   april 30 022 april 30 018

We went to town yesterday to pick up the newsletter from the printers, we stuffed the envelopes when we came home and then landed in a heap on the couch with a glass of wine.

The family boat has to be taken across today to get serviced so we can drop the envelopes in the mail. MB is graciously going to hand deliver to most of the residents when she goes for her afternoon dog walk…Then it is officially a wrap of newslettering until the winter edition unless I hear any complaints.. Then I am retiring  🙂

My gardening Guru has suggested I need to be using the Pro Mix soil that actually helps veggie seeds grow as opposed to what I did use.. My veggie starts are a disaster… According to the West Coast Seeds book I shouldn’t even be starting my squash until now. I blame my failure on eagerness..

We went to Art Knapp yesterday and as explained by my Guru, seniors (over 55) get a 15% discount on Wednesdays…Unwilling to accept that I qualify as a senior by any stretch of the imagination E stepped up and took the discount on the $39.00 bag of soil. My guru says the soil should last me two years of seed starting. E says it had better, it weighed 60 pounds..

I am going to try to restart the squash seeds and repot my little pathetic tomatoes into the magic mix this afternoon and see if they can be saved…Otherwise I might just have to stick with flowers. While we are in town today I am going to the bedding plant sale on the farm road near where we keep the boat.. Now that I have all of this soil and water, I am dreaming of

a garden expansion

caught on the spy cam




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