a million years

Three years ago today we moved to our little cliff house on the nature channel. In that short time we have learned so much, met so many and been entertained by the wildlife more than we could have imagined. Along with all of our new friends we face the challenges, problems, complications and difficulties of living on an unserviced island. We have been more than amply rewarded for our efforts. Simply put, it has been fun..1 House from the water - Copy

I would have regreted it if I didn’t take the dog for a long walk when we got home last night.The dog would have had me up in the night, bored from an evening alone. . So even though it was 1230 am and I was only in my nightgown I went ahead. The rain had stopped ever so briefly and the evening temperatures were mild. The decision made, I enjoyed myself. Took my flashlight and walked up the path and down the dark lane. I was surrounded by complete silence. Sammi was so thrilled that I had finally come home to let him out. He ran up and down the cliffs stretching his legs… This is a great place to live if your a dog who loves to run.

We had just come from dinner at the family home. This is the annual weekend when the siblings and spouses who share in the ownership of SoHo gather for an AGM  and work weekend. Much to the chagrin of the neighbours I am sure, as the dinner turned into a scotch tasting dance party complete with a four part harmonic rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

The work really began Thursday when E and my sister in law spent the day  accumulating supplies for the project lists. The fifteen differrent stops and the loading of bits and pieces on and off the boat is a chore in itself.

Yesterday we started  with weed whacking the property and the first lawn cut (in the rain)…. Cupboards we’re washed thoroughly in the kitchen and the stove is shining. The rest of the family arrived just before dinner.

Today, there is an electric fence to reinforce. We are trying to improve our chances in the raccoon war over the apple trees. The large house needs to be thoroughly washed down and the split rail fence needs repairing. We bought paint for the bedrooms and stuff to patch the chimney in the living room fireplace. There are plants to go in the vegie garden and a meeting to decide on the priorities of the coming year. We won’t get to it all but we will at least get a start on it.

But last night we just wanted to relax, and laugh and as it turned out sing and dance..

When we were in L last month for Doctors appointments E ran into an old friend. She said she had heard through the grape vine that we were moving off the island and back to the city. E responded “not in

a million years”

8 thoughts on “a million years

  1. Warren and Helen would so love seeing all you “kids” working together on their/your beloved Soho. Warms my heart. 🙂 I SO love how you love the island.


  2. Warren and Helen would so love seeing all you “kids” working together on their/your beloved Soho. Warms my heart. 🙂 I SO love how you love the island.


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