The Marlin Shuffle

On this island most houses have some furniture, a tool, a bit or even a piece that used to be in someone elses house.. The value of goods already on the island cannot be over rated. If you don’t need it.. someone does… The living room couch that used to be in SoHo is now down the road at the neighbours.. The solar panel that was on our house is now in the garden at SoHo. Our toilet used to be in the R’s… The TV which we got from EU and lent to the firehall went to B&C when it broke and B was able to fix it… You see how it goes..

Yesterday B&C gave us a sofa bed they didn’t need. We spent the day moving a bed from another’s house to theirs and moving the sofa to ours… it was fun.. and we are grateful. Our daughter is really grateful.                           april 13 057

Today we moved the second 500 gallon tank down to the garden. Once the two are filled I feel my garden will be in a way better position if we have another drought this summer.

E continues to heal from his skin treatment but we stay close to home while he takes it easy. I continue to work on the Tidelines newsletter.. I am slowly chipping away at it.. I remind myself that deadlines are self-imposed and if it doesn’t get done… It doesn’t get done. I don’t answer to critics or a boss anymore. . Someone wants to complain they can do the next one :)… However it is shaping up nicely.. Lots of good stuff..

The give and take of useful items goes on constantly. The giver just as happy as the receiver because they don’t have to carry “it” off the island. The giver always glad to see someone can put “it”to use. The receiver so grateful to save some money and at the same time not to have to carry “it” on and off boats and across the water.

After the first woman I knew who took recycling to a higher level,  I call it

the Marlin Shuffle                                                april 13 003

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