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School is finished and our daughter is here for the week. She had a relaxing afternoon alone in the sun on the perch yesterday with lots of seals, sea lions and otter to entertain her.  First time she had seen such activity. Once you have that experience here, it is hard to take your eyes off the water..In case you miss something.

While watching the hockey game  last night she kept one eye on the water. She noticed goings on in the Cut.. We grabbed the camera and headed down for a peak. Seals were gathering. They weren’t feeding. They were looking around.. Up periscope…..

april 9 053

Then the otter jumped out of the water onto the ledge.april 9 058                                                                            I said to our daughter.. Maybe they are hiding from whales in the area… They seem to be watching for trouble…. then phush… We could hear the water blowing from their spouts.. It was almost dark, so the lighting wasn’t good and they were on the other side of the channel… but there were whales.. Four of them.

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That is the first time our daughter has had a glimpse of a whale in the 24 years she has been coming here. She can’t take her eyes off the window now. She is hooked.  I am hoping today there will be more whales, closer and maybe some dolphins too… When you are sick of writing essays and your course work is all done. When you want to put University behind you and mentally recharge… A visit to the nature channel is just the 

place to go


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. What a thrill.! She’s tuned in to the Nature Channel!! Lucky you to be able to share these magical moments with her.

  2. We heard the otters late yesterday afternoon too making lots of noise down below us. Were the whales headed north or south? Maybe they were down by us at that time and we didn’t see them.

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