it’s a start

Last summer we were short of water. In anticipation of another dry season we thought we should increase our water catchment capacity. We had hoped to have the improvements done by now but it didn’t work out.. We are just getting to it.

We currently have a 1000 gallon tank beside two 500 gallon tanks. The plan is to buy two 1500 gallon tanks. We are going to move the two 500 gallon tanks down to the garden. The new 1500 tanks will replace the 500 tanks along side the existing 1000 gallon tank. When it is all said and done we will have  4000 gallons in the main system with another 1000 gallons in reserve by the garden.

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Today E built a platform behind the garden shed and moved the first 500 gallon tank down beside the shed. We emptied the tank first by power washing the deck and garden furniture. When the tank is sealed on the platform we will fill it with water from the other 500 gallon tank before we move that one down to the garden.

We should be ready for the new tanks next week some time.

The wild Iris Japonica is blooming in the garden. MR tells me it is a wild species from Japan                                  IMG_1711


Lots of small herring under the house in the last day. They shimmer beneath the surface in the sun. The juvenile eagle is back and was successfully fishing for his breakfast outside our window this morning. The eagles don’t get their distinctive white heads until their fourth or fifth year.. Looks like he is getting close…

april 9 026


This little guy made a visit to the garden.. Anyone have a guess as to what he is??

april 9 003


Even if we don’t get these new tanks filled to capacity before the summer we will be organized for sure for 2016.

It’s a start



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