bed before nine

I can handle one scheduled activity a week. If the activity involves drinking wine and relaxing I can probably handle a couple more.. But this weekend was daunting.. We had scheduled one really exciting activity and planned our lives around it. A presentation at the fire hall by one of our neighbours.. and then the Gods played havoc with our plans and things got hectic… I don’t do hectic any more..

Although we are unable to walk on water (our boat). We also aren’t the Rockefellers and we cannot afford the upkeep on our house, our boat as well as our joint ownership in the family boat and the family house … it became too much. Moorage alone was killing us, for two boats which are normally sitting idle. Boats run much better if they don’t sit idle for too long… Ask me how many of the truck/car/house/boat batteries had to be jump started this winter alone……

So we put our beautiful boat up for sale and for the last four weeks have dealt with lowballers, illiterates, bargain hunters and a few genuine potential buyers. The first fellow who phoned us was able to finally sort out the complicated details required for him to ship the boat to his home. The deal was finalized and we bid goodbye to the boat within an hour of the presentation at the fire hall….

At one point mid afternoon in an rare BH hail storm I had to take the family boat across bumpy seas, alone, to pick up E and our eldest son to bring them home from the boat exchange. How far I have come on this learning curve to cast off by myself and set across the channel solo.

It was an interesting week for sure.. BN’s presentation was awesome. We video taped it for the people who couldn’t make it and when I am in town next I will upload the video to my UTUBE channel for viewing by islanders who were away. We said goodbye to our TINMAN and lets not forget I got to feed lamby this week…

Hectic as it has been, it was a good week.. but you will have to excuse me if I go to

bed before nine..       tinman 014





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