feed the baby

One of the little lambs at the farm was orphaned. RS has been caring for it for the last couple of months. Sometimes down at PC you can hear it Baaing outside the A-frame as it sits under an umbrella in their yard. A little older now, it can spend most of the day at the farm with the other sheep but until it is 25 lbs it still needs to be fed by bottle. RS had to be off island this afternoon and asked me if I could give lamby its 2 pm bottle..

Wine bottle nursing

Wine bottle nursing

New eagle nest on our way home.. We will keep an eye on it and try to get a picture when the nest is occupied.      april 2 078

Beautiful pear blossoms at the farm already.april 2 074

Busy weekend here on the island. Lots of residents are returning from their winter travels. Summer residents coming for Easter. The  Island Executive have invited one of the Islanders to give his first hand account of last summers discovery of the Franklin Expedition . His presentation is Saturday morning at the Fire Hall. I have a feeling the hall will be packed.

We have kids coming and going over the next few days. Between the kids, the presentation, editing the newsletter and stuff going on with our boat it is a busy time right now. Tidelines is coming along. Lots of contributors are helping out by providing interesting articles… I couldn’t produce the newsletter without their support.

With so much going on, I was more than delighted to have an excuse take a break. We walked up to the farm and

fed the baby.

Milk moustache

Milk moustache



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