start another one

Quick update on the island goings on…. Still no herring spawn. Yesterday we saw the herring beneath the perch. A small school playing beneath us. A good sign? I hope so..

We had the two green hummingbirds all winter.. The red one returned on Friday.. March 20… mark it in our calendars…march 24 074

The flicker is working on a new nest in the Arbutus tree by the wood shed.. I noticed a ton of wood shavings on the ground.. and looked up… way up… 20 feet in the air…                                                           march 24 021 Last year they had two babies in a nest on the same tree..

I don’t know why they needed a new nest                        june 13 019

As I sat in the garden this afternoon a dark shadow appeared on the ground in front of me. Again, I looked up.. way up and saw a turkey vulture quietly circling above me… They have returned.. They used to nest in the rocks beside us but I think our dogs were to noisy for them…. I hope for my neighbours sake that they reconsider and nest nearby again…

Big shout out to our neighbour who is in all of our thoughts……may 6 182

Hurry home….

The vegetable starts are all doing well. Although, I suspect E is tired of climbing over seed trays to get to his chair in the living room. He has started talking seriously about building me a greenhouse…I guess we should finish some of the ten or twelve projects we already have on the go before we

start another one

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