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We returned to our island last night after a couple more days of doctoring in Vancouver. We will be staying close to home now for the next six weeks while E finishes up a skin treatment. One of our sons is visiting this week and our daughter is coming next week.

This morning we have calm water, plenty of seals and a few sea lions. We can see the herring jump in the air to escape the seals breakfast menu and the eagles are trying their best to catch them as they rise to the surface.. Presumably they are here to lay their eggs and the spawn process will commence. Last year we actually saw the eggs as they were laid.(herring ). I will keep my eyes open, and let you know.     march 13 009 march 13 014

From the time when we saw the eggs laid  last March until the big show it took about two weeks.. Here is the 2014 timeline. (spawn timeline). If you are new to the blog there are video links at the top of our main page with some of the highlights from last year.

I have planted a million vegetable seeds and the trays are all over the coffee table. At last count I have about seventy tomato plants started!!!!  Good grief… I picked up soil from my favorite nursery in L yesterday for the potting up process.. If this whole adventure is a complete failure I understand they sell vegetables in stores…. If it is a success it will be a great feeling to eat the veggies I started from seed… The last two years I grew vegetables from plants started at the nursery or by my neighbours…. This year, I have no one to blame but myself….:)

While I was at the nursery I couldn’t help but return to my comfort zone and look at my usual gardening favorites, the perennials and flowering shrubs.. I had a variegated Weigela in my garden in L that produced a lovely display. I found a nice one on sale and brought it home for my new garden… You can never have enough deer food flowering shrubs….

I spent the better part of today in the garden. I planted the new Weigela and looked in on the spinach, lettuce and peas that I had planted last week. The voles have eaten all the peas…. I shall start again…. and I don’t want to name names but someone is trying to get into my compost.

march 13 016                                                                  oct 4 016

In the fall I put a layer of Maple leaves on top of the garden for the winter. Apparently I am really good at growing Maple trees as there are a ton of them peeking up through the mulch in the vegetable garden. I planted eight of them but if any of you want some just let me know… You will need a pot and some soil.  🙂                                 march 13 021march 13 039

My sister gave me some cuttings from her beautiful flowering currant. I have a few extra, let me know if you want one…

The Hyacinth are blooming. The day was cloudy but mild. It was perfect for puttering

in the garden

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  1. Your garden, as always, looks beautiful. Wish we could be there for the herring spawning, maybe next year. It probably is cooler there, it was fricken 31 degrees here today ! I don’t do hot.

    • Not a big fan of hot myself… this weather is perfect for me.. I accomplished nothing last summer in the heat… I will be sure to post lots of pictures if the spawn is nearby… Looking forward to your prompt return!!!! See you soon….

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