seeds and sweater

Years ago, I was sick at home with a cold.. E came home with a gift for me.. He didn’t bring me flowers but he brought me a gardening book… A gift that keeps giving for someone like me…. I still look at it and am reminded of how he really understands me.

So this is what was going on in front of our house this morning. These pictures were taken at 1030 am… It looks like an August morning, doesn’t it? No snow on the local mountains…The fish boats zigzagged in front of us for a couple of hours and tonight are on the other side of the island… There is lots of eagle chatter but no sign of the sea lions…. so is it herring time or not???

I was in bed last night before 8 pm.. I was exhausted from our trip to Vancouver. Slept twelve hours… Even with that rest I didn’t feel like accomplishing much today.. I have packages of seeds all around me. Maybe tomorrow I will feel more inclined to work.. Sometimes we just need a day to regroup. We were on the perch in the sun by 2 pm…. A glorious day in the sunshine drinking white wine…

The pond at the end of our lane has turned red this winter.   feb 18 071 feb 18 074


As previously discussed I was too busy playing bridge in high school to attend biology. I am figuring there are those of you out there who know way more about these things than I do… If any of you bright spots would like to share your knowledge I would appreciate it. What is causing it? What is it called? Is it a bad thing???

We picked up another tub of beach pebbles for the garden.. Maybe one more and then we will be set.. I am thrilled with how the path in the garden is turning out.

My neighbour returned this week from her six weeks  of house sitting in the city. She brought with her my UFO (unfinished object). She knit the sweater I started before I remembered that my hands are useless and I can’t knit anymore. It is more like a jacket than a sweater. I love it!!!!  march7 006I need to look for buttons the next time I am in town…If knitting this sweater isn’t the kindest thing I know of, then her other gift is… She brought me seeds from Butchart gardens… Perennial seeds and annual seeds… A great variety… I will get them started tomorrow when I have my energy back…

Nothing makes me happier than a gift of seeds, or divisions of plants. Well I would be pretty darned happy if I won the lottery but in the absence of a 30 million dollar lottery ticket…. I remain thrilled with my

seeds and sweater

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