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bigger coffee table

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We are back. We had a few days in Vancouver to see the magical medical team who keep E going.. Fifteen years post heart transplant, it is all very routine. We were able to stay with our friend Didi, who is very kind to put up with our visits.. We sweep in, steal her computer data, stay out late while she has to get up at five am and then swoop out again in a blur. Normally my sister takes care of the dogs but one of our sons came over and watched them for us. Our trip seemed pretty stress free considering we met with twelve specialists in 48 hours. He has a few more tests in the fall, and a little skin treatment to finish up and then he will get his 15 year gold star and we can move on to the next five-year goal.

Looking out the window now with my morning coffee the water is flat calm, and it is bright and sunny. When we came across yesterday afternoon there were two huge fishing boats trolling slowly in the channel in front of our house. Last night when I stood on the perch at 7PM in the dark I could hear the herring partying near the top of the ocean.. As I said last year it sounds like a pot about to come to a boil.  I heard this sound the first time March 18 last year. Although we have had very little sea-lion activity, we are three weeks ahead of 2014 on the herring bubbling to the top of the ocean event… I have no idea what this means but I will keep you posted.

After reading the posts from this time last year I am also expecting the ruby hummingbirds to arrive back soon…

I have started the vegie seeds in trays. They are all sitting on my coffee table in the living room. The R’s left us glass to build a greenhouse but we haven’t started to think about it.. Too many other jobs on the list come first. In the meantime our living room will have to be a mess of trays and soil and seed packets. I planted lettuce, spinach and peas directly into the garden last week before we left.                       IMG_1643

I will keep this short as I want to hurry up to the garden and see if my lettuce is up yet. I will hopefully have some interesting pictures for you tonight. Fingers crossed for a dolphin or two…

I bought more seeds at the gardening store in L. I will plant them into trays today….. I am going to need a

bigger coffee table


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  1. Maybe we’ll hit it lucky this year with the herring spawn, we’re coming over tomorrow for a week. Hope to see you, won’t be there in time for coffee shop I’m afraid.

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