my right arm

When I met E in 1980 he spent Saturdays at his widowed Grandmothers. He did her grocery shopping, banking, garden chores every week for years and years. With all of the help she received from her extended family she was able to live in her home alone until she was 93. Every Saturday, as we got ready to leave her house she would say to me.. I don’t know what I would do without him.

The mulch is complete in the garden, the veggie beds are built and waiting to have the soil turned over for planting in April. The pebble path is almost complete.. We just need the spring flower party to start… The table is set so to speak, just waiting for the guests.  IMG_1643

I bought soil yesterday to start my seeds for the vegetable garden. Unfortunately I didn’t have my glasses with me. It says quite clearly on the bag it is not to be used in planters or pots. It is not for starting seeds at all. Two bags carried over for no reason.. sigh.. note to self.. take glasses to town. E is running over to town tomorrow quickly so can pick proper seed starting soil at the local gardening store… It seems a little early to be starting seeds but I am eager to get at it.

Happy Birthday to our two latest island residents.. 2015 lambs 2 and 3 were born some time last night. Mom and babes are cute as the dickens.. Three more ewes will perhaps add their babes in the near future.
On a separate but related note, I have quit eating lamb souvlaki .                    feb 26 020

feb 26 005These guys were hanging outside our window this morning.

Hard to imagine someone would find enjoyment in shooting them. So pretty swimming in formation….

For my island neighbours who follow the blog to hear about what is new around here I include a picture of the goings on at BH. We arrived yesterday to discover some clearing going on… more parking?

IMG_1636 IMG_1639

Much cooler today and cloudy but we were still able to spend most of the day in the garden. Our roles are defined in the garden. I am the idea guy and E is the labour. I can handle spreading mulch but the carrying of the bags, the moving of pebbles and installing of logs for raised bed vegetable gardens is left to him. He, and I quote would like a few of my next ideas to not include quite so much heavy lifting…. He looks longingly at the solar panel installation on the studio and the reinstallation of the on demand hot water heater at our neighbours… He considers those fun jobs…He doesn’t complain when I come up with ideas like beach pebble pathways, he just smiles and checks our Tylenol supply.

Due to unexpected difficulties, only my left arm functions. So for me, like his Grandmother “E is

my right arm…”








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