eating a fish

We had another first living on the Nature channel.. No, not seeing newborn lambs.. They haven’t arrived yet and we are now off duty but maybe I can take a picture for you when they do arrive. As you know we have two eagles who hang out at our place. There used to be three but the juvenile hasn’t been around for a while.. He must have moved to the city to find his own girl. Eagles can live thirty years and mate for life. Their nest is nearby but not on our property. They come here to fish and play in the sun.. They normally don’t sit on the same branch but today, they came for romance.feb 15 001

We were working up in the garden most of the afternoon. E was laying more logs down for the vegie beds and I was puttering. I was pruning, weeding, dreaming of ponds and waterfalls, trellis’ and arbours….. when the two eagles sitting in their usual tree started to make an enormous clamour. When eagles talk, they whine.. Their call is a high-pitched whining peal… Kind of like they keep getting their foot caught in the car door.. It is not the regal sound of a majestic bird.. Fun fact.. Their call is so inappropriate for the national bird of our neighbours to the south that their call is dubbed in for movies and televisions by a red-tailed hawk…

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I looked up to find the eagles sitting close to each other on the same branch. She was preening herself.. She had to get her feathers just right. Once she was sufficiently coiffed she turned to her mate and gave him the all clear… There above my garden in the sunshine of a February afternoon, in front of E and I as witnesses they renewed their vows and made wild passionate love. Well, not so much wild and passionate as a quick romp in the hay but you get my drift. They didn’t seem to mind us watching, and it was a pretty cool site to see. Sorry, no photo..

You can see the pictures of the garden in the Gallery portion of the blog under (Garden 2015). ย E bottled thirty more bottles of pinot grigio today…We are going to make another batch of red something next. ย After the gardening and the bottling and the chicken feeding there was still plenty of time, to sit on the perch for a little snack in the sunshine. Last we saw of the eagles, she was picking out colours for the nursery and he was

eating a fish



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