if not flexible

In the summer I fall behind on blogging as I am not on the computer very often. Too much to do. Surprisingly, it is February and I am having the same problem. I am not complaining. We are getting stuff done. The garden projects I had scheduled for March are happening now… They have to get done or it will be too late.. Plants are coming to life.. There is a rose bud on my Queen Elizabeth rose. No time to waste. ๐Ÿ™‚

E started to lay the beach logs in the vegetable garden to make raised beds. He is securing them with rebar. We are bringing pebbles up from the beach for the lower path.. A bucket full every time we go to SoHo.feb 22 157


I have moved the fig tree my brother and sister-in-law gave us to the garden from the planter on the perch. I think it will be happier there. It didn’t dieย in the move. It looks happy and has buds on it. In its place we have planted a Golden Flame honeysuckle. I imagine a wall of beautiful scented flowers for the hummingbirds.

What I am hoping it will look like

What I am hoping it will look like

feb 22 006

Gold Flame honeysuckle settled into its new home.



It was half price at Home Depot. E made a trellis with driftwood from the beach. We have gathered more driftwood to support the five clematis in the garden. There are buds on the clematis too, so no time to waste…


I am subbing in on the farm chores for the weekend. I love it when RS asks me to fill in.. The farm is private property and I don’t think it is right to trespass so we don’t go there very often… To walk through the farm first thing in the morning is a rare treat.

First I collect the eggs from the twenty odd chickens and check their food and water. Do a quick count to make sure the eagles haven’t snatched a chick or two for breakfast. So far everyone is present and accounted for.

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Then I go down to the barn and feed the sheep. There are five. One gave birth to twins a month ago.. The other four are in various stages of pregnancy. One of the four is about to burst.. RS thinks she is overdue and suspects it could be triplets… She looks so uncomfortable.feb 22 057

Yesterday the eagles were having breakfast in front of us.

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We are busy busy. Whether we are occupied with projects that were scheduled for March or February doesn’t really matter. It will all get done. Living on this island at our own pace, on our own clock, we are nothing

if not flexible




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