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couldn’t describe it


Beautiful day in the sunshine. Walked to EU’s to prune her two rose bushes..Hopefully I didn’t screw it up…Then I slaved doing laundry. Doing laundry while living off grid with functioning solar panels consisted of me having to watch the machine purr along as the batteries continued to charge. When it was done the batteries were still fully charged. The generator still hasn’t been on since Saturday.

E worked almost as hard as I did. The wood on the perch from the newly fallen tree had to be split into pieces light enough to carry up the hill to the chopping block beside the new wood shed. Ironic that we have to carry this heavy wood up the path to be split, seasoned and then carried back down the path in two years. It is a fact of life that trees don’t always land beside the chopping block.

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Surprisingly, when the laundry was finished I still had the energy to take the camera out to the back deck.  Last fall I put most of my geraniums under cover to over winter in the studio. As a test I left one plant under the cold frame in the garden. I also left one unprotected in the planter on the deck to see if it could survive the winter. It is blooming!!                        FEB 17 023

The hummingbird ate lunch above me. He has been here all winter.FEB 17 054

E found this beautiful piece of jade on the beach. It has been shaped with a bevelled edge. DY thought maybe it was used by First Nations as a scraper.
Anyone else have an idea? FEB 17 021

The sunsets last night and tonight from our living room have been incredible. Between five and six, the colours changed by the minute. One picture

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couldn’t describe it.

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “couldn’t describe it

  1. Mares always teased me about sunset photos, but they ARE stunning. 🙂

  2. How could anyone tire of them?! The energizers bunnies will need new batteries to keep up with you two!

  3. Beautiful sunsets. Thank you for sharing them, makes me homesick in a good way.

  4. Where are you guys? We are in the Discovery Islands.

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