must be spring

Today was the first bright sunny day we have had to evaluate the power collected with the solar panels unobstructed by the tree on the perch. We did a load of laundry in the middle of the afternoon by switching the plug from the generator circuit to the household circuit. We also had the TV on all afternoon taping a show we needed. We had watched the hockey game last night and yet we finished this February day with the batteries fully charged. The generator hasn’t been on since yesterday morning. We collected 2.2 kw hours of power today between one and five pm. We are very pleased and looking forward to big things with the longer brighter days ahead.

Our firewood supply is going to last a long time if this weather continues. We haven’t had the fire on all day and the house is 21 degrees. It has averaged 8 or 10 degrees all month with nothing but mild temperatures in the forecast. We have had a fire going in the air tight stove in the living room from 7 – 10 am and from 5-8 pm. The rest of the time the temperature in the house remains comfortable. We did not expect this in February, usually our coldest month.

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We worked on the burn pile up at the neighbour’s in the morning. We probably need two more mornings to finish cleaning up the mess. This afternoon E worked on the tree on the perch at the front of our house. E climbed on the roof last week to take the majority of the tree down but today he had to work on what was left. It is heavy… He will have to cut it into smaller rounds to get it off the perch. The tree is at least down now, the solar power is rocking and the remaining stump can be a little table to hold

my wine glass.

feb 15 016

Crocus blooming on the perch. it
must be spring.



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