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to kayak again


On days like today when the water is flat calm and you can’t see another soul for miles, kayaking is a great way to spend some time. Back in the day I used to white water kayak but have never had the opportunity to explore the area around the island. Arthritis limits a lot of my activities.

There is a company that bring groups of kayakers to our island for weekend excursions. They camp at the marine park overnight, meals are provided. Without fail every group stop in front of our house as they get across the channel to take a picture of our house, outhouse or the amazing sandstone cliffs near us.. I suspect we are in a great number of summer vacation albums…The kayakers don’t realize that I can hear every word they say. Sound travels.. Last summer I could hear the leader say, as the kayaks gathered beneath our cliff for pictures,  “This is a classic example of a west coast summer cabin”…. Summer cabin???? Hey buddy I live here year round!!!!   was my thought but I kept it to myself…

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This morning at ten, as we were finishing up our coffee E spotted a couple of fins. There were four dolphins cruising past the house in the calm water. There is only two in the picture but there were four. Is this the beginning of the winter photo-op bounty?             feb 11 003

I wonder if the Dolphins were here to see the sandstone or to look at our little house on the cliff. Maybe we should get one of those kayaks you pedal with your feet. It would be nice to see what everyone is looking at and
to kayak again





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  1. Want to kayak? No problem. You get a double kayak, you sit in the front with your glass of wine (plastic!) and E sits behind magically moving the kayak forward……

  2. Don’t forget the grapes!

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