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glass is for


The temperature is not expected to drop below zero in the near future. No bad weather expected in February at all. I figure if we can get through this month we have made it through winter unscathed.. It has been ten degrees here for the last few days and although we have had a ton of rain, we have also been able to get out and get some work done. We have all been spending plenty of time walking on the beaches in the sun.. Lots of logs have been collected off the beach for wood sheds and garden projects, beach glass continues to be found along with random burls of Arbutus for my garden.

Work progresses on the wood shed. Our son came over for the weekend to help E put up the roof support beams. E couldn’t have done it without him, I would have been useless. As you can see the woodshed is surrounded by beautiful Arbutus trees. The shed in all its glory shall be called the Arbutus Pavillion, or just the Pavillion for short…I turned my attention to the garden.

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The roses are now pruned and the garlic is up and weeded. As you may remember I covered the flower area with a layer of shredded maple leaves and then a layer of seaweed from the beach at SoHo… I am now topping it with cedar bark mulch which we have to carry over by the bag full from Rona.. Weeds had started to peek through the seaweed so I need to hurry up and finish or it will be too late.. We brought over 16 bags this weekend and made a good start of it… I am probably going to need another 20.

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The owl has begun to hoot outside our window around 4 am, and we have a bit of sea lion activity. Not the numbers we saw last year yet at all.

Yesterday our neighbours found an unexploded military flare on the marine park beach.. They called the navy who came and detonated it. Holy Cow the explosion was incredible.. I could hear it in my garden on the other side of the island

You never know what you are going to find walking on the beach. But if what you find says contact the Military, it is best to do as you are told and not be tempted to keep it as a souvenir.. That is what beach

picture by KY

picture by KY

glass is for




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  1. Wow, lovely progress being made at Arbutus Homestead!!! (or the Little House by the Big Sea?) :)MKR

  2. Nice work on the shed. Thanks for the heads up on paying attention to what we find on the beach. Had it wasn’t one of the grandkids that found it. Might not have
    been a fun story to tell!

  3. That’s scary about the flare! Your garden is already starting to look beautiful. Look forward to,seeing it this summer.

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