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We had to make room for the new wood shed. Sooooooo…

We have used the wood (mostly Arbutus) this winter from one side of our current wood shed. (about two cords)  We took three truck loads of chopped wood up from under a tarp and stacked it in the now empty space. Sadly three trees had to then be murdered as they stood in the way of the new shed… We stacked the wood from those trees to the side and moved all of the unchopped wood to a new pile out-of-the-way.. I started a burn pile to clean up the branches and tidy the area…..

E bought nine concrete rounds (like you would use on a patio) for the footings. We can bring them down from the boat tomorrow. He also bought some rebar. We have all the posts we need from the beach.. We still have to get the metal roofing but that can wait til next week.. So far the shed has cost us about fifty dollars.

When its done it will be 12 X 14 and will hold about ten cords of wood…..

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We called it quits around three and came down to sit on the perch in the sunshine.. Took my book and my camera.. These beautiful red shafted Northern Flickers came to visit the suet feeder on the perch.

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I didn’t get much reading done…The weather was so nice today that we haven’t put any wood on the fire in the house since 9 am and it is still 18 degrees as I write this at 8 pm.   With the opportunity to rest my old weary bones in the sunshine while watching the Flickers up close, I put my book down and took

in the view

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  1. I just love the Flickers, my favourite bird. So colourful when they fly off. Quite shy though, they don’t come to our feeder if we’re on the deck.

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