was always right

Flowing through the family property is a creek which appears only in the winter. The water table is high right now with the winters rain water from the south end of the island escaping through the lot. In the summer there is no evidence of the creek. It was quite a surprise to us when we moved here to see the volume of water that appears in the winter. The creek begins in the middle of the property at the top of the lot and winds down between our neighbours house and ours. By the time it reaches the beach it is in front of our neighbours house.

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Papa always said that there is an abundance of water in his well supply and we shouldn’t have to worry about water… His wife (Guy), my mother in law told me once she thought they would call the property Winterbourne. But she didn’t live long enough to make it official.

A winterbourne is a stream or river that is dry through the summer months. A winterbourne is sometimes simply called a bourne, from the Anglo-Saxon word for a stream flowing from a spring, although this term can also be used for all-year water courses.

With all of the rain we have had recently the creek is full. It is strange to walk on the beach and hear the sound of rushing water as it comes out of the land and down on to the beach. The dogs are happy to have a supply of cold clean drinking water when they run on the beach.

E worked too hard yesterday chopping wood and scavenging logs so today we took it easy. The sun was out. We went to the family house and sat on the beach.. Tanning in shirt sleeves beside the ocean in January…

DY wrote about Oystercatchers in the winter newsletter. We were able to see them up close when two decided to eat mussels off the rocks in front of us. Sitting on the beach in front of the family home listening to the gushing fresh water creek,  we are always so grateful for Papa and Guy’s foresight in purchasing the property.. As was proven time and time again, Papa                              january 27 020 january 27 035

was always right




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