sooner than later

There are three companies of professional tree fallers who come to the island to take down dangerous trees. No one wants to take trees down but sometimes its necessary for the safety of the houses, or the access to sunshine… Most of the trees taken down are rotten and deemed dangerous. As such, no one should be taking them down but a professional.  The companies charge around 160.00 per hour for two fallers to come to the island. They will chop it down and buck it into rounds if you want.

We have had tree guys at our property a couple of times. One pruned a dangerous Arbutus  that was hanging over our house.                                                                                           DSCN1699

One took down a dangerous looking Fir that was also hanging over our house. When it was bucked we realized it was completely hollow (rotten)..

Heavy winds are a risk when the trees are rotten but so too are  heavy rains. We had a tree come down our cliff and take down four others with it, after a rain storm in July.      DSCN1895

We went to up to the W’s this morning to start a burn pile and clean up the debris from when the tree fallers were here on Thursday. The rains have been heavy this week but the sun was out and it was ten degrees.

A perfect day to work outside.                                                              jan 25 049            When we got there we found this tree had come down since Thursday. Fortunate that it fell away from the house.

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We were going to have the tree fallers come to our house next week to remove a tree blocking the solar panels. Now we are thinking they need to take down the rotting tree that is leaning over our bedroom. Probably

sooner than later

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