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We walked the beach at SoHo today with our daughter who is visiting for a few days. She hadn’t been over to the Marine Park in years so we walked that beach too… Yes, we were also gathering beach glass…. I guess the question remains..  What are we going to do with all of this pretty glass?

jan 14 016

Glass on the right was collected June – December 2014. Glass on the left was collected in 2015. Glass on the table was collected today.

I am not particularly crafty. Anything I touch runs the risk of looking like a childs Mothers day gift from Brownies ….. I am not really a fan of artsy beach craft projects.  I am willing to entertain ideas if they involve a minimalist approach…. perhaps a wind chime or maybe Christmas ornaments…..I looked on Pinterest this afternoon and there are a lot of crazy ideas which just aren’t me. Perhaps I should do another family portrait. This is the one that I have now.


At the end of the day, I am happy to leave the glass in the vases on the table. Our search isn’t really to find the pretty gems but to have an excuse to walk on the beach and let the dogs have a run. It’s a pretty nice way to

spend some time.

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