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will be built


E slaved today. It is two thirty and he has had Tylenol and a hot soak in the tub. He is already in his pj’s drinking a glass of port. He deserves it….

We went to SoHo this morning to salvage logs off the beach for one the projects on his summer chore list. He was chopping firewood yesterday and dreaded stacking more wood under a tarp. He wants to build another firewood shed. We already have a nice shed but it is full.. The extra firewood is sitting in piles around the property covered in different colored tarps.. It looks messy and the tarps are always flying away in the wind… Be nice to have a place to put our wheelbarrows and the lawn mower too.. (We have no lawn but we have a lawn mower)…

I told my friend that I don’t normally prune my roses in January but wait until the Forsythia is blooming. Yesterday I noticed the Forsythia is indeed blooming at SoHo. So I took my new sharp pruners with us and pruned the roses and most of the butterfly bush. I need to take my long clippers next time to finish the job.

Although I didn’t work as hard, I feel compelled to have a glass of Bailey’s to celebrate his great achievement. He found and cut three sixteen foot logs to hold up the shed roof, six eight foot logs for the front posts and three six footers for the  rear posts. He then had to carry them up from the beach away from the tide. They will lie at the top of the stairs until the ground freezes and we can bring the truck down without wrecking the lawn or when one of our sons comes to help carry them to the truck. No rush.. They aren’t going anywhere and there is no one using the house at the moment.


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Supplies to complete the project are a few pieces of metal roofing, nine concrete footings and a few bits of wood from the beach for cross bracing. We can gather those things over the next few months and one summer day when E feels inclined…. A second wood shed

will be built.    IMG_0539


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  1. Wow, E’s certainly a hard worker. I’d say he deserves more than one glass of port!! Nice woodshed. Looks a lot better than all the tarps we have around our place!

  2. Beautiful salvaged logs. We did the same for our pizza patio and wood storage rack – they’re so much nicer than 8x8s or 6×6 posts.

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