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on the island


jan 9 028    Back to peace and quiet interrupted only by the bark of sea lions…. It was a foggy trip but the water was calm for E’s boat ride to bring me home on Wednesday.

My sister game me a gift certificate to a gardening store in L for Christmas. I spent it on the seeds for my vegetable garden, new pruners and a few narcissus bulbs for the path to the front door. Yesterday, I raked leaves and put my new pruners to work. I planted the bulbs on the path and puttered in the garden. It was cloudy but a nice temperature for working in the yard.

E and a few of the other guys, harvested firewood. JN was taking out some alder to clear a path to the pond for the fire truck. Four guys worked beside him bucking the trees and dividing the firewood. It is hard to keep up to JN and his work ethic. It’s a nice treat to receive the firewood. A reward for helping him in his task. E got two loads for our house and left one at SoHo.

Last June I read twenty-seven books by an author my Mother recommended. I haven’t read a book since.. I needed a break from my chair.. I get nothing done when I have a good book to read. Yesterday I got my work done by 2 pm so that I could read a book the F’s lent me, guilt free…. I finished it just as the hockey game E was watching ended…

It was a nice day back

on the island

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  1. Do your pruners need breaking in. My roses need pruned in January and I’m not there any more so they are not doing well. Hint, hint.

    • I would be happy to… I am kinda afraid to touch your beautiful garden though.. You might regret asking me… I normally prune roses when the forsythia begins to bloom… when do you like to do it..? What kind do you have???

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