on an island

We went dodec 3 008wn to the family house to give the dogs a run and check on the property. Really high tides right now so it is difficult to walk on the beach .The water was flat calm and filled with logs. E was still able to find a few pieces of beach glass.


dec 3 004This eagle was hanging out in the peace and quiet of the  bay,  floating in front of the F’s house.

It was cloudy and mild today. We were able to get outside and work for a few hours before the rains start. We continued our project leveling the path to the door. A little deer decided to try it out.. He seemed to give his approval

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Like ice wine, the berries on the Arbutus trees are most delicious after a frost.. The trees this morning were filled with hoods of robins drunk on the arbutus wine… One robin hit our window where the hawk hit Tuesday… I watched him stumble around on the deck in a drunken stupor .. he did survive and flew away. We have now moved a wind chime in front of the window. dec 4 012

No eloquent prose for you today. Just a snapshot into a winter day

on an island

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