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up together sleepless

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I have spoken before about the Christmas Eve in 1961 when my parents left us in the basement to watch the Hitchcock movie The Birds on TV. (The Birds). Now at 57, I am very fond of birds and spend the better part of my life taking pictures of them. I took a break from taking pictures of birds today to fix my quilt squares.

AW and I went to MB’s yesterday to do more quilting. I realized then that I had made a mistake on my squares… You aren’t supposed to sew to the very edge. I had sewn to the very edge. I decided to ignore my mistake and continue sewing. How big a problem could it be?

I lay in bed all night thinking about it and could not imagine how the squares could be sewn together, with the way I had sewn my seams. At 5:00 am I sent an email to AW and MB expressing my confusion, and fell asleep.

It turns out the way the quilt will be sewn together will be complicated by my mistake… So I ripped everything out… everything.. back to zero.. I started again…Tonight, ten hours later.. I am done.. and there are no mistakes.. It is obviously sewn by arthritic neophyte hands.. but there are no errors.

KY came down to quilt with me while the boys went to town. While we were talking we heard a bump outside and thought the boys were back early. I looked out the window to see if anyone was coming down the path.. Suddenly, and if there was a Hitchcock sound track to the afternoon you would hear right now……. Da Da dummmmm….. A very large hawk rose up from beneath the ledge and slammed against the window.. With wings fully extended it face planted against the window and glared at me… It did not fly down.. it rose up…….

It must have been hunting my sweet little squirrel friend in the wood box. I haven’t seen the squirrel since.. Squirrel is probably still shaking in his boots under the house. KY said my eyes popped out of my head. Sami was looking at the window when it happened also and was scared silly. It was freaky.

Here is the window I am talking about. You have to imagine the lower portion of the window completely filled with an angry hungry hawk and fully extended wing span.          dec 2 044

Sami won’t go out or leave the couch.. He won’t sleep and just stares into space. It’s taken me fifty years to get over seeing the Hitchcock movie. I totally empathize with what he is going through… I’m thinking tonight Sami and I will be sitting

up together, sleepless

dec 2 007

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  1. At least twice, sharp-shinned hawks have flown into that window chasing birds for food. There’d be a big thud, then we’d run to the deck and they’d be lying there waiting to recover. Must have very thick skulls! We thought maybe since they were swooping amongst the trees and could see through the window right through the house and out the front windows to the water that they figured it was a space to fly through. Wonder if your hawk was doing something like that. Must have really been amazing to see him spread eagled…spread hawked?

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