course, but someone

We were able to get to the farm early yesterday morning Snow had fallen overnight. It was a really pretty walk with the sheep, geese and deer grazing beside us.

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We have been burning Arbutus since the cold snap began on Friday. Thursday it was 14 degrees on the island and today it barely got over zero. Arbutus makes a great warm fire and we are fortunate to have plenty of it on our property.

I accomplished nothing today. I had planned to make fig newtons but it is going to have to wait until tomorrow…. I didn’t want to leave my chair by the fire… Another day spent staring into the abyss….

I did put up what Christmas decorations I have. There are still bins and bins in my mothers garage. Enough to decorate a 3000 square foot house…No where to put them here, even if I had them… Now the house is looking more like a visit to a Texaco station than Christmas..

We have two hummingbirds hanging out on the Arbutus Tree at the front window.                       nov 30 169

They emptied the feeder in four days. They must be very cold.. I feel like someone should knit them a sweater or something. Not me of

course, but someone        nov 30 182

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